Leneille Moon’s Lush Tropical Ombré Design

Floral and event designer Leneille Moon of Special Event Factory in Atlanta shares how to create one of her favorite looks—an ombré design using tropical flowers, which she pairs with a glamorous table setting

Picture yourself at a grand event with a luxurious tropical theme. A larger-than-life floral arrangement sets the mood with deep red protea and ginger blooms that fade to pink anthurium and then, finally, to a cascade of white orchids. On the dining tables scattered about, the glamour continues with gold accents in the flatware, fine cloth napkins, and menu cards that pop against dramatic coral-red tablecloths. It might be a while yet before we can enjoy such an affair, but floral and event designer Leneille Moon of Special Event Factory (@specialeventfactory) based in Atlanta brings the concept to life in this video workshop. Watch above to learn how she creates an ombré arrangement using tropical flowers, and find more details below.

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Flowers & Foliage

  • Aspidistra
  • Ti leaves (variegated)
  • Palm fronds
  • Assorted tropical foliage (from blooms)
  • Anthurium (ranging from white and ivory to light and dark pink)
  • Phalaenopsis orchid (white)
  • Dendrobium orchid (white)
  • Protea (red)
  • Ginger blooms (red and dark pink)
  • Mini Scarlet Pineapples (available through Fifty Flowers)
An tropical floral arrangement and table setting designed by Special Event Factory

Floral and event design and tutorial by Leneille Moon of Special Event Factory, specialeventfactory.com