Yellow flower arrangement by The Flower Hat

We have long admired the work of Brazilian-born florist Julio Freitas, aka The Flower Hat, who grows his own flowers on his farm in Bozeman, Montana. So when British artist Jan Erika reached out to us about hosting a live demonstration on Instagram featuring her art and his floral design, we said yes.

In this transatlantic collaboration, Julio created an arrangement using an autumnal palette of butter yellows, copper oranges, and rust reds, which Jan translated into a painting. As the pair worked, they chatted about their stories and respective art forms. We share the end results with you here.

The Flower Hat’s Ingredient List

  • Rose Sumac
  • Italian Ruscus
  • Sunflowers
  • Poinsettias
  • Antique Carnations
  • Calla Lilies
  • Cremom Chrysanthemum
  • Spray Rose
  • Dried Bittersweet

Jan Erika’s Artistic Interpretation

Artist Jan Erika at work on a floral painting based on a design by The Flower Hat

After the live painting, Jan rendered Julio’s design in another medium—pencil and watercolor.

pencil and watercolor sketch by artist Jan Erika based on a floral design by The Flower Hat

How to Watch

To watch the demonstration featured in this post, visit the IGTV tab (circled below) on Flower‘s Instagram profile, @flowermagazine, and select the video titled “Painting & Arranging Flowers.”

How to watch IGTV on an Instagram profile

To see more from these artists, follow Julio at @theflowerhat and Jan at @janerikadesign on Instagram. Julio also has a wonderful collection of floral demonstration videos on his Facebook page under the Videos tab.

portraits of the artists

Left: Jan Erika (photo courtesy of the artist). Right: Julio Freitas of The Flower Hat (photo via Instagram @theflowerhat)

By Terri Robertson

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