Wrap Your Rooms in These Botanical Wallcoverings

In Summer 2021, we’ve got our eyes on new collections from Pierre Frey and Manuka Textiles

Eternel Eté

A new collection from Pierre Frey, Eternel Eté finds its inspiration in Provence in the South of France, a place dear to Patrick Frey. “For me, Provence is profoundly alive, a region steeped in history, of great culture, a territory rich in contrasting landscapes,” says Patrick, who took his entire creative team there “to understand the creative power of this territory.”

The collection speaks to different aspects of Provence—the artists who painted there, such as Picasso and Fernand Léger, and its rich ceramics history. Some of the designs speak to the landscape of the region as well—the sun and, of course, the flowers. There are diminutive floral patterns like Fleurs de corail and oversized ones like Grasse and Pays d’aix, which command attention. pierrefrey.com

a room papered in a tropical leaf print from Pierre Frey
Pierre Frey’s Patio and Patio exotique wallpapers from the Eternel Eté collection

The Mural Collection

Designer Roxana Eslamieh of Manuka Textiles, known for hand-drawn silk screen wallpaper, will introduce a line of murals this spring, starting with Night Lotus. “Previous wallpaper collections were inspired by distinctive textures and geological formations found throughout the world,” says Roxana. “For the mural collection, I was influenced by the French Impressionist tradition of plein air painting, inviting the temporal beauty of nature into living spaces.” Printed on linen-textured vinyl, the murals are available in five colorways. manukatextiles.com

collage of garden snapshots, watercolor paint brush, and black-and-white illustration of a pitaya bloom
abstract black-on-white floral wallcovering from Manuka Textiles
Manuka Textiles’ Night Lotus mural was inspired by designer Roxana Eslamieh’s Los Angeles garden, in particular, the night-blooming pitaya plant. 

By Alice Welsh Doyle

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