A Silver and White Flower Arrangement

Designer Mimi Brown shows how to make an ethereal blue, silver and white flower arrangement with three materials
Portrait of Mimi Brown with silver and white flower arrangement

Designer Mimi Brown

My inspiration for this silver and white flower arrangement is really the house I’m creating it for. The materials I’ve selected have great lines that match the architecture of the home, and they’re a bit unusual. Because they’re more out of the box, I found that I didn’t want to use a variety of flowers and didn’t need to use the normal “face flower” to make a statement. It’s a more linear, attainable design that is perfect for any area of the house.

Instead of a traditional vase, I decided to use a lowball glass tumbler as my container. Everyone has cups. You can use crystal or cut glass—whatever it’s made of, I think cups are a new way to showcase the stems and create a modern, tall arrangement.


Floral materials for silver and white flower arrangement: kochia, white muscari, and Japanese spirea


  • Japanese spirea
  • kochia
  • white muscari

Mimi placing first branch in drinking glass

1| This arrangement is on the simple side, so the only tools needed are your glass vessel and a pair of snips (I like Joyce Chen). You’ll find that the branches will hold all of the materials in place, so there’s no need for tape.

Flowering branches placed into drinking glass

2| Make a grid using the spirea branches by leaning the stems outward from the center of the glass. The branches will create a kind of structured cage, supporting each other—you’ll be surprised that they don’t fall.

Silvery flowers added to drinking glass with branches

3| Add the kochia in between the branches of spirea, and tilt them toward the outside of the glass. Kochia has a similar texture to succulents but a great pale color, making it more of a standout. Be careful when placing, though, because it is fragile.

Mimi placing flowers and leaves of white muscari into arrangement

4| Add muscari to the center of the arrangement, and keep it low. I like to add two or three at a time at varying heights to give it a fuller, more natural look.

Filling in dark spots in silver and white arrangement with flowers and leaves of white muscari

5| Fill in dark spots with remaining muscari and its leaves to lighten things up. Feel free to cut off any dead or yellowing leaves from the spirea.

Completed silver and white flower arrangement of Japanese spirea, kochia, and white muscari

Produced by Jena Hippensteel | Photography by Becky Luigart-Stayner

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