Rice Paper

Painter Kristy Rice renders flowers on stationery that makes every occasion special

Kristy Rice, artist-turned-stationery designer, began her stationery company Momental Designs by painting what she loves best: flowers. Her online gallery evokes a botanical garden, where pearly peonies, autumnally hued Chinese lanterns, sweeping lilacs, iridescent puffs of roses, dusky magnolias, and other botanical beauties dot the floral landscape of her handmade stationery.

“We call this gallery ‘Muddy Brushes,’ because a Momental Designs invitation always begins with my original artwork and muddy paintbrushes,” Rice says. “A muddy brush is well used, creatively worn, and sopping with hints of vibrant color fresh from the day’s creations. Wet paint on my hands and dripping brushes are the signs of good work and great beginnings. For me, the best invitation designs begin with an idea and then a touch of the brush to paper,” Rice explains.

Creativity is at the core of Rice’s work. Her interest in floral art began when she was a young girl, when she started painting at age 5. “I was always fascinated with anything organic,” she says. “I was never a super realist. I infuse my emotion into the subject matter—it’s a lot about color, texture, and contrast. That’s why watercolors, and floral motifs specifically, are in my heart; they’re the unsung heroes. Flowers, for me, are the most pure and exciting communication of color and a perfect gift from nature in their ever-changing forms. My work is about taking something people see all the time and putting a spin on it, amplifying it.”




By Elizabeth Shaw McWilliams | Photos by Daniel Lanton