Seeing Red (and Pink)

Connie Plaissay of New York’s Plaza Flowers creates an arrangement to beat the winter blues
red and pink flower arrangement
Designer Connie Plaissay shares step-by-step instructions for a red and pink flower arrangement to brighten the last days of winter.

My inspiration for this arrangement is the last stretch of winter. During this time of year, people are starting to crave some color, and deep reds are perfect for those winter blues. –Connie Plaissay

Materials & Supplies:

Step 1: The hydrangea is the base of the arrangement. Cut the stem so that the bloom will rest just above the rim of the vase. Using a pocket knife, skin the bottom half of the stem, which allows it to let in more water. Before putting it in the container, cut the bottom of the skinned stem in half.

Step 2: Now add the roses, starting with the pink ones. Remove all leaves and cut each stem at an angle. Be sure to pick off any browning petals on the outside of each bloom, and blow into it if the petals are too closed up. When I make an arrangement, I always start on the outside and work my way in. So place the first rose near the edge of the container, leaving some of the green hydrangea showing underneath. Add the rest of the pink roses around the edge, creating an evenly-spaced circle. (I included six pink roses but you can do more depending on the size of your vase.) Continue with the red roses by prepping them the same way. Place them closer to the center of the arrangement in a similar circle formation, spaced between the pink ones.
Step 3: Next add the purple smoke bush foliage. Strip the lower half of the leaves, and scrape off a couple inches of the outer stem at the bottom so it can absorb more water. Place them between the pink and red roses to help separate the colors.
Step 4: Finish out the purple palette by adding calla lily stems around the rim of the arrangement. Then add a few red tulips after completely stripping the leaves. Intersperse them among the red and pink roses—just find little spots to fill. Afterwards, if there is too much red in any area don’t be afraid to fill in with more purple calla lilies or smoke bush.
And we’re done!

Produced by Jena Hippensteel | Photos by Brooke Slezak