myrtie blue flowers, beach florists

Myrtie Blue’s Coastal Hues

On the Florida Panhandle’s Emerald Coast, Brian Watson and Eugene Campbell create sea-and-sunset-inspired arrangements that fit harmoniously in beachy interiors

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fashion and versailles

Fashion and Versailles

Fashion was Versailles and Versailles was fashion: rampant, mercurial, and irrepressible in its determination to seduce,” writes Laurence Benaïm in the …

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camellia grove luncheon, rebecca gardner

Camellia Grove Luncheon

Events specialist Rebecca Gardner conjures up her signature magic during the height of camellia season for a luncheon on an island outside Savannah

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Martha Stewart’s Summer Getaway, Skylands

At Skylands, Martha Stewart’s summer getaway on the coast of Maine, the goddess of all things domestic coaxes the grandeur (and granite) of the former Edsel Ford estate to shine once again with the help of her landscape architect

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martha's flowers

Martha’s Flowers

When presented with Martha Stewart’s new flower book, we sat up straight in our chairs because Stewart never does anything halfheartedly

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