party planning for 100How do you host an intimate evening when the guest list reaches triple digits? According to Kenny LaCour of Grand Events in New Orleans and Jennifer Heebe, it’s all about getting personal.

For Heebe’s 50th birthday celebration they planned a 155-guest dinner dance. LaCour and Heebe share four tips for enjoying your celebration with the masses.

Party Planning for 100 (or more)

TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN THE PARTY PLANNING. A theme that reflects your own style, interests, or passions creates an innate connection between you and your guests. For her party, Heebe took inspiration from a beloved Paris restaurant.

SPEND TIME ON SEATING ARRANGEMENTS. Seat like-minded “strangers” together to foster new friendships and encourage fresh, fun table talk for all.

RE-CREATE THE COMFORTS OF HOME. Set an inviting scene by bringing indoor furniture outside, or forgo generic florist’s vases and opt for arrangements in your own cherished containers instead. “Birthdays are a celebration of life, and my collections are part of my story,” says Heebe.

HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. A mix of swing, Motown, and Top 20 hits calls guests of all ages to the dance floor, just as a festive “mocktail” makes for all smiles at the bar. Kenny LaCour says that at Heebe’s party, “There was a constant sense of ‘what’s next’ as guests settled into the tent.”

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