Palm Beach Panache

The storied Colony Hotel in Palm Beach celebrates its 75th birthday by teaming up with Society Social to create new guest rooms full of fresh whimsy and doses of glamour befitting the history of the hotel and its location.
Roxy Owens and Sarah Wetenhall are side by side in front of a tropical mural.
Roxy Owens of Society Social (left) and Sarah Wetenhall of The Colony Hotel. Photo by Nick Mele

Not that you need an excuse to visit Palm Beach, but if you want one, we suggest a stay at The Colony Hotel to experience the newly outfitted guest rooms. Roxy Owens, founder and creative director of Society Social, curated the furniture along with Sarah Wetenhall, the hotel’s owner and president. “This collaboration was a dream come true,” says Roxy. “Sarah’s genuine passion for the glamorous revival of the iconic Pink Paradise paired with our playful brand ethos and our core proficiencies in working with natural materials led to a very clear vision.”

A white dresser with scallops at the front sits in front of a pale blue wall.
Photo by Carmel Brantley

According to Sarah, the inspiration for the collection was easy. “It came from everywhere in the Palm Beach community, such as pieces seen in historic Colony Hotel photos, items sourced from local antiques shops, and even from my children,” she says. “It was essential that the décor feel authentic and site-specific to Palm Beach. The local history of the area influences even small design details in the hotel, but not in an obsessive way. We went with a more modern, sophisticated style.”

Swirling green wallpaper envelopes a hotel room with a crisp clean bed.
Photo by Carmel Brantley

By Alice Welsh Doyle

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