The Ultimate Bike Basket: May Cabas

Tara Guérard’s newly launched brand May Cabas offers stylish bicycle baskets roomy enough to pack everything you need to pedal to work or cruise to a picnic in the park
Tara Guérard, founder of May Cabas

Tara Guérard on her bike outfitted with a May Cabas basket

Flower Contributing Editor and ultimate wedding planner Tara Guérard of Soirée in Charleston, South Carolina, debuted the ultimate bike basket just in time for spring jaunts around town. “For years, I looked for a large basket, so I could ride to work with my huge bag, computer, etc., and there were zero in the States,” says Tara.

During the pandemic, she helped a friend from Vietnam with her nail salon who in turn helped Tara with her baskets through contacts in Vietnam. “Rattan is a vine that grows on trees and suffocates them, so we are saving trees too,” says Tara. “We used rattan, Parisian inspirations, along with a Southern way of life, and voilà—you have May Cabas (may is “rattan” in Vietnamese, and cabas is “basket” in French). Now I can bike to work with all the supplies needed and design perfect weddings.”

By Alice Welsh Doyle | Photography by Gayle Brooker

May Cabas Plus Grand Bicycle Basket, pictured with the lid open

May Cabas Bicycle Baskets available in two sizes, from $175; maycabas.com

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