Interior Designer Mary Evelyn McKee

Meet the designer behind FLOWER magazine's 2021 Showhouse in Bibb County, Alabama

Mary Evelyn McKee has design and artistry in her genes. Paint­ing classes with her grandmother taught her how to see the beauty in things, and her artist father spurred on her talents. “He was so encouraging. I could put two dande­lions in a bottle, and he would proclaim it gorgeous,” she says. “And my mother, an accomplished pianist, taught us tempo and movement to Mozart and Bach.”

From her richly artistic upbringing, she studied art history focusing on decorative arts and architecture at Hollins College.

Her approach is personal, pragmatic, and artistic. “I aim for my work to be timeless, elegant, and comfort­able. I try to create something fresh and forward-look­ing, and use personal collections that reflect the indi­vidual.”

Her style is elegant, but not fussy; informed by history, yet fresh and surprising. She seeks the singular piece that creates the frisson necessary for dramatic but inviting rooms.

Mary Evelyn Interiors