Make Cut Roses Last

The Austins (yes, the David Austin Rose Austins) share tips for making the most of your blooms
make cut roses last
One of the most popular David Austin Roses, the peach-colored ‘Juliet’

The family behind David Austin Roses combines a calling for saving English garden roses with a quest for developing the perfect flower. Since one element of perfection is longevity, we asked the Austins how to make cut roses last. They shared four simple tips for getting the most from your blooms.

Gardeners, give English roses a try. They are incredibly robust and easy to grow. Water well, at least once a week in dry conditions. Although watering is a very simple task, it will prove to be the most effective care you can provide for your roses. Don’t miss our expert guide to growing English roses.

To maximize the life of cut roses, always take care of them as soon as they arrive. Trim 1 inch off the stems, making a slanted cut while they are underwater. This will help them absorb more.

Make sure the vase is completely clean, using bleach if necessary and rinsing out well. Then fill with lukewarm water and flower food.

Good hygiene is the most important way to ensure maximum vase life for cut flowers, but cool room temperatures also have a significant influence. Place flowers away from direct sunlight, and avoid positioning them near sources of heat or directly underneath air-conditioning units.

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