Celebrating the Urban Jungle (and Other Green Spaces)

Learn how a couple of plant-lovers created a global community of Urban Jungle Bloggers

When Judith de Graaff and Igor Josifovic met, they discovered they had a mutual affection for plants. Each already blogged (de Graff at Joelix.com and Josifovic at Happy Interior Blog), but together they founded a global community of plant lovers called Urban Jungle Bloggers.

Learn how de Graff and Josifovic came together and what inspires them in Exposé #02: Urban Jungle Bloggers.

See the full article, “Urban Jungle Bloggers Igor and Judith on Green Inspiration and Bonding,” at FunnyHowFlowersDoThat.

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Judith de Graaff and Igor JosifovicCheck out Urban Jungle Bloggers and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Also Judith and Igor have written their first book, Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants (Callwey Verlag, 2016).