Jet-Setter Style

Tastemaker Aerin Lauder and the iconic English brand Colefax and Fowler celebrate the return of travel with a collaborative collection of bespoke beauty bags and luxury travel accessories
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Aerin Lauder is the founder of the luxury lifestyle brand AERIN.

Flower: Prior to this collaboration, did you have a relationship with Colefax and Fowler?

Aerin Lauder: No, but I have admired their timeless designs for as long as I can remember. As a child, I recall visiting their shop in London with my parents and my grandparents. Today, I live among their floral prints in my own home, so I am thrilled to have one of my favorites, Eloise, translate into travel accessories and beauty bags. The fabric features a delicate hydrangea spray motif on pure linen that was originally hand-painted in the Colefax and Fowler studio. The classic design is the epitome of elegance and femininity, so it works seamlessly with my other collections.

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The soft hues of the Eloise print make this round cosmetic bag a beautiful addition to any vanity. Its small size also makes it ideal for travel.

How did the idea for the collaboration originate, and why did you choose to design travel accessories?

I was in Colefax and Fowler’s New York showroom when I got the idea. The AERIN brand is all about effortless beauty, and Colefax and Fowler supports that with their classic designs and English refinement. I knew that we could create something truly special together. I chose travel accessories and beauty bags because, at the time of the launch, the world was slowly returning to travel after the shutdown brought about by the global pandemic. I love experiencing new cultures and discovering new destinations and have found so much design inspiration in doing so. The collection is a way to celebrate travel by adding a touch of pretty to your suitcase. We offer linen beauty bags in several shapes and sizes and a silk eye mask with a matching drawstring pouch. Our fabric-wrapped collapsible luggage rack is a must-have for the well-appointed guest suite. It turns something utilitarian into something fun and unique for your guests. After all, hospitality goes hand-in-hand with living beautifully.

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Crafted in wood and wrapped in linen, the luggage rack can be closed for easy storage.

Aside from your partnership with Colefax and Fowler, you have a number of collaborative collections with designers all over the world. Do any of these include products that might speak to design enthusiasts with a penchant for florals?

Currently, we have a collaboration with artist Diane James, who makes impeccably detailed faux florals. We also have a partnership with The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach; I designed Villa Jasmine, a luxurious ground-floor villa, and many varieties of florals are represented throughout the décor, from the draperies to the bedding. It has been wonderful to work with like-minded creators in these joint efforts. Sharing ideas, exploring options, and working together toward a single goal have proven to be both enjoyable and invaluable learning experiences for me.

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The Eloise Beauty Set includes a small linen cosmetic bag, a Rose Lip Conditioner, and a Rose Hand & Body Cream.

What about AERIN? Any floral-inspired exclusives?

Every season, we introduce a new hand-sculpted and hand-painted porcelain flower. In seasons past, we’ve had a peony, a dogwood, a dahlia, and a hibiscus, to name a few. We have also offered some that are hand-sculpted from brass and adorned with semiprecious stones. They are perennial stunners on your vanity or bedside table.

Aside from our décor, there are floral fashions, including tops, dresses, and accessories, as well as floral fragrances inspired by or made with botanical ingredients. In fact, the new Eloise Beauty Set contains two AERIN exclusives: our Rose Lip Conditioner scented with rose and magnolia and our Rose Hand & Body Cream with a floral infusion of magnolia and peony. Floral lovers definitely have plenty of choices!

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The silk eye mask takes quality sleep to the next level with a ruched band for added comfort.

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This set of lined cosmetic bags covers all your organizing needs when packing for a trip.

Interview by Margaret Zainey Roux