How to Decorate A Woodland Christmas Wreath

For floral designer Michael Giannelli, lush greens, bold blooms, and woodland vibes make for a very merry Hamptons holiday. Get step-by-step instructions for his woodland wreath.
Michael Giannelli's woodland Christmas wreath on green door


Time needed: 45 minutes

Michael Giannelli decks the halls of his idyllic East Hampton Gardens shop with lush layers of natural elements that capture the elegant, organic beauty of woodland flora and fauna. “The deep garden greens dusted with snow, the faded blue hydrangeas remaining from summer, and a pop of red from a cardinal in flight drove my vision for this dreamy ‘Woodland Christmas’ decor and helped bring it to life,” he says. He shows us how to decorate a woodland Christmas wreath with lush greens and bold blooms including hydrangeas and roses.

  1. Materials

    Pre-made, 28-inch wreath (Michael ordered from The Magnolia Company)
    Ornamental bird’s nest
    Hydrangeas (Verena classic blue)
    Water tubes
    Lavender spray roses (Innocence)
    Red roses (Francois Rabelais)
    White roses (Moonstone)
    Viburnum (red berry)
    White waxflowers
    Ornamental bird
    Pre-made bow (Or see Michael’s video, “How to Make a Bow for a Wreath“)plant and floral materials for making a woodland Christmas wreath

  2. Start with a Bird’s Nest.

    Affix the bird’s nest a little off-center at the bottom of the pre-made wreath.Michael Gianelli adding bird nest to woodland wreath

  3. Add Hydrangeas.

    Clip hydrangeas on an angle, leaving approximately 2 inches of stem; remove leaves. Place each stem in a filled water tube, and insert tubes into the wreath counterclockwise.
    Michael Gianelli adding hydrangea flowers to water tube for Christmas wreath

  4. Time for Spray Roses

    Clip lavender spray roses into individual blooms off the stem; remove the leaves. Cluster groups of three blooms together, and place each group inside a water tube. Tuck a water tube behind each hydrangea, alternating sides. Clip red roses, remove leaves, and place each single bloom in a filled water tube. Tuck each bloom beneath the hydrangea on the opposite side of the cluster of spray roses.Adding spray roses to wreath

  5. Add White Roses.

    Clip white roses, remove leaves, and place each single bloom in a filled water tube. Randomly insert the roses throughout the wreath.Adding white roses to wreath

  6. Fill with Smaller Flowers and Berries.

    Fill in the exposed space between hydrangea clusters with viburnum, scabiosa, and hellebores, alternating placement to achieve an asymmetrical design. Create a final floral layer by inserting sprigs of eucalyptus and white waxflowers into the wreath so that they sit slightly higher than the others and fill in all the empty space.Adding berries to wreath

  7. Bring in the Bird!

    Nestle the bird into the side of the wreath at approximately 3 o’clock.Affixing ornamental bird to woodland Christmas wreath

  8. Top It with a Bow

    Affix the pre-made bow to the top center of the wreath, and enjoy! Or see Michael’s video “How to Make a Bow for a Wreath,” a simple, step-by-step method that only requires ribbon, scissors, and a zip tie.
    Michael Giannelli with Christmas wreath showing its red ribbon bow.




decorated dining table
Inside the shop at East Hampton Gardens.


Produced by Margaret Zainey Roux | Photography by Tria Giovan


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