Ode To a Grecian Urn

Gorgeous Greek inspired urns and containers to fill with flowers or just to fill a room for decor. Simple, chic, and beautifully crafted for boastful blooms

The ancient Greeks favored lyrical vessels, whose forms have stood the test of time. Add flowers to today’s interpretations and they’re sure to become pure poetry.


1 Elegant Grecian Ewer by Studio A, $299 studioa-home.com  |  2 Gold pedestal urn by Jamali Garden, $60 jamaligarden.com  |  3 Elongated Grecian Amphora by Studio A, $449 studioa-home.com  |  4 Vase by Beth Kushnick for IMAX, $75 modishstore.com  |  5 Lantana vase by Port 68, $223 port68.com  |  6 Big Top Tureen by Cyan Design, $135 cyandesign.biz  |  7 Perleé footed vase by L’Objet, $1,080 l-objet.com  |  8 Bangles vase by Katy Briscoe, $480 katybriscoe.com