Fresh Holiday Wreaths

Holiday wreath inspirations from Putnam & Putnam with fresh greenery and blooms in various color palettes to spark your Christmas creativity

New York design duo Michael and Darroch Putnam of Putnam & Putnam put a fresh spin on five holiday wreaths, and share their tips on materials and color palettes.

holiday wreaths
FLOWER LIST: ‘Tango’ garden, roses, ranunculus, anemones, quince branches, eucalyptus, pink peppercorns
holiday wreaths
FLOWER LIST: spray roses, anemones, quince branches, olive branches, cecropia leaves

“We really played with scale and contrast using the large cecropia leaves paired with more delicate clusters of white flowers and olive, and spindly branches that jut out for a wintry look.”

holiday wreaths
FLOWER LIST: ranunculus, anemones, hellebores, eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, tallow berries, cedar, miniature pine cones

“This is perhaps the most traditional of the group because we started with a cedar base, but then played with the idea of asymmetry for a surprise. There’s a romantic grouping of flowers on the right side that’s in contrast to the more bare left side with its rich brown velvet ribbon.”

holiday wreaths
FLOWER LIST: ‘Amnesia’ roses, ranunculus, tulips, quince branches, sweet peas, agonis, pinecones

“This wreath has a vintage feel because of the color palette, which is muted and looks a bit faded. We like to include warm brown undertones in many of our designs.”

holiday wreaths
FLOWER LIST: ‘Golden Mustard’, roses, ranunculus, hellebores, paper whites, lady’s slipper orchids, mimosa, white pine, dried shelf mushrooms, kumquats, kumquat leaves

“We wanted to convey a woodland feel using white pine overlaid with dried shelf mushrooms and the surprise twist of kumquats.”

Photography by Nichole Franzen | Illustrations by Claire Cormany

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