Estelle Colored Glass

Inspired by her grandmother’s colored glass collection, Stephanie Summerson Hall brings the rainbow to the table
Table setting with peach handblown glass stemware and yellow tumblers from Estelle Colored Glass, gold-toned flatware, and white dinner plates rimmed in a floral pattern, all on a white table cloth. Bowls a lemons, a vase of bright yellow roses, a vase of white tulips, and a larger centerpiece of peach, pink and yellow garden roses and other blooms also decorate the table.

We could all use a little more color these days, and an easy and beautiful way to bring it home is through colored glass pieces that have a nod to the past captured in a more modern interpretation.

Stephanie Summerson Hall, the black entrepreneur behind Estelle Colored Glass, wears a white knee-length dress with ¾ sleeves, and leans against a tan tufted velvet sofa
Estelle Colored Glass founder Stephanie Summerson Hall

Stephanie Summerson Hall, founder of Estelle Colored Glass in Charleston, South Carolina, was inspired by her grandmother’s colored glass collection, which was often brought out for Sunday dinners. Her grandmother also introduced her to treasure-hunting in small South Carolina towns, often adding to her colored glass collection and sparking a passion in Stephanie. For color inspiration, the creative turns to the flower world.

“My florist mother introduced me to the world of flowers early and shared how colors fit together on the color wheel in terms of floral design as well as in the world of interior design, fashion, and even planning a dinner menu,” says Stephanie. “My approach to curating the colors for our Estelle Collection mirrors the same design approach of selecting colors that will complement each other or add interesting contrast.”

Whether you favor jewels tones or pastels, there is an Estelle piece sure to bring a note of cheer to your cocktail hour and tabletop this winter. Hand-blown glass, made in Poland, starting at $65 for a set of 2 stemless wineglasses,

handblown wine glasses in purple, blue, green, peach, brown and yellow from Estelle Colored Glass
A cheerful array of wineglasses ($175/set of 6; available in mixed colors or a single color) from Estelle Colored Glass

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