Easy Elegance for Kitchens and Baths

Crossville, Inc., porcelain panels and slabs combine the beauty of natural stone with commercial-grade durability—and can even help you remodel a kitchen or bath without all the mess
porcelain slab kitchen countertops
In a sunny kitchen, the homeowners wanted the look of polished white marble—but not its proneness to chips and stains. State of Grace 12mm-thick porcelain slabs from Crossville, Inc., offer the ideal solution. Photo courtesy of Crossville, Inc. 

Two of the hardest-working rooms in the house are multitasking more than ever. Kitchens are no longer just for making meals, but also for making memories, conducting Zoom sessions, and hosting celebrations. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are expected to be spa-like havens for refreshing the body, spirit, and soul.

For many homeowners, modernizing these rooms is more of a necessity than a luxury because the improvements are driven by lifestyle as much as aesthetics. So when we update these spaces, how do we get it all—elegance, ease, and functionality—within a budget?

“How a client lives—or wants to live—in their home is a very important piece of the design puzzle,” says Charlotte-based interior designer Lisa Mende. “It is one of the first things we discuss during the planning phase because it heavily influences the materials that we select.

“If my clients are avid cooks and entertainers, have young children, or just have a penchant for sleek, perfect finishes, I’ll steer them towards durable manmade surfaces instead of delicate natural stone. They don’t want to worry about stains caused by splattered tomato sauce, wet wine rings, or acid etchings from lemons and limes when they’re enjoying the company of family and friends.”

Porcelain wall panels in Calacatta Oro Venato Bookmatch make a bold yet graceful statement in a kitchen designed by Lisa Mende. Just over 3mm thick, this option from Crossville’s Naturali collection boasts a commercial-grade composition that keeps the “skin-like” surface stain- and scratch-free. Photo by Kelli Boyd

Advanced technology and skilled artistry are changing the way designers look at manmade stone and tile and, like Mende, many are turning to companies like Crossville, Inc., to provide high-quality, low-maintenance alternatives to natural stone. The company’s porcelain slabs are a resilient countertop option, while its thinner porcelain panels come with an additional benefit: At more than 3×9 feet—but only 3+mm thick (for walls) and 5.6mm (for floors or walls)—these sleek, expansive panels can cover existing tile and stone.

Because little or no demo is involved, time and labor are minimal and installation is cost-effective, keeping projects easy on the pocketbook. Crossville products are also easy on the eye thanks to their meticulous detailing and strong resemblance to natural stones such as marble, quartzite, and granite.

“Crossville’s colors and veining are so realistic that it’s hard to tell the difference between what was made by hand and what’s made by Mother Nature,” says Mende. “I have many clients who want the high-end look of polished white marble but without the high-maintenance that comes along with it. Crossville offers the ideal solution by giving them the best of both worlds.”

More Porcelain Panels & Slabs In Situ

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In an inviting bathroom designed by Laura Burleson, shower walls are ensconced in Calacatta Michelangelo porcelain panels, another option from Crossville's Naturali collection. Along with streamlining installation, the panels minimize grout lines and provide a striking contrast to the floor choice—Black Dragon natural stone hexagon tiles from the Yin & Yang collection. Photo by Brittany Ambridge
Wet bar with dark, slate blue cabinetry; white bead board backsplash, and a porcelain slab countertop that mimics the look of polished marble
Citrus stains and red wine splashes can ruin natural white marble, not to mention a good party. A State of Grace polished porcelain slab works hard and plays harder, making it the ideal choice for a wet bar by OAK Design Project. Photo courtesy Crossville, Inc.
large two person shower with bench, with floors, ceilings, and floors covered in porcelain panels covered in porcelain panels resembling slabs of white marble
Crossville’s porcelain collections have been lauded by both designers and homeowners for their strong resemblance to natural stone. The company’s attention to detail is apparent in the intricate veining in Statuario Venato panels from the Naturali collection, used here for the shower walls, floor, and ceiling. Photo courtesy of Crossville, Inc.
kitchen with two-toned blue cabinetry, open upper shelving, and sand-colored porcelain slab countertops from Crossville, Inc
A porcelain slab in Crossville’s Suspense colorway adds another layer of warmth to a country kitchen designed by Tyler Pankratz. A creamy, neutral, it complements the wood tones and soft blue hues of the cabinetry and open shelving. Photo by Trace Thomas

By Margaret Zainey Roux

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