Earthly Treasures

Firing pottery may be an age-old art, but these ceramic pieces are as cool and contemporary as ever


1. BROOKLYN PEOPLE’S POTTERY BY ALICE GOLDSMITH, Medium bud vase in concrete, $22, large bud vase in bittersweet, $24, and small bud vase in concrete, $20,

2. BENNINGTON POTTERS, Molly Stark pitcher in Mount Equinox, $99,

3. CRAVEN STUDIO, Medium bag vase in tawny brown, $185, and large bag vase in ivory, $225,

4. HEATH CERAMICS, Bulb vase in moss, $95,

5. ALISON EVANS CERAMICS, Oyster pitcher, $150, and handleless creamer, $56, both in abalone & tortoise,

6. EARTHBORN POTTERY Crock in waterfall, $70, large bud vase in waterfall, $32, and espresso cup in lagoon, $16,

7. ALEX MARSHALL STUDIOS, Narrow square vase in blue gray, $90,

8. CÉCILE DALADIER, Vase No. 9, $261,

Flower magazine Sept/Oct 2014 | Photography by Liesa Cole