Meet Don Easterling & Nina Long

FLOWER Magazine Atlanta Showhouse: Gentleman's Dressing Room and Adjoining Powder Room

Don Easterling and Nina Long

Mathews Design Group | Atlanta, GA

FLOWER Atlanta Showhouse Preview: The Gentleman’s Dressing Room and adjoining Powder Room
Artist's rendering of the gentleman's closet designed by Don Easterling and Nina Long
Artist's rendering of the Gentleman's Dressing Room

See the finished gentleman’s dressing room and adjoining powder room, a tour with Nina, and sources.

Don Easterling and Nina Long of Mathews Design Group share a passion for interiors, as well as a unique partnership that allows them to create remarkable interiors in the Southeast and beyond. Each of their projects highlights both of their styles and strengths, combining Don’s mastery of classic, traditional layering and his passion for architecture with Nina’s fresh perspec- tive, her love of art and textiles, and her mastery of color. Together, the designers strike the perfect balance as they create interiors that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and comfortable. Their work has been featured in several publications.

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