Timeless tips for Mother’s Day Flowers

Whether you’re ordering flowers for your mother or styling an arrangement yourself, apply a few of these guidelines, and we guarantee she’ll love the result
mothers day flowers

Whether you’re ordering flowers for your mother or styling an arrangement yourself, apply a few of the timeless design principles listed below, and we guarantee she’ll love the result. And what’s better than a big smile and a hug from Mom?

  1. Less is more. When selecting your palette for Mother’s Day flowers, consider a mix of tones and textures rather than a rainbow of bold or contrasting colors. Think of arrangements in shades of whites, pinks, greens, or even yellows.
  2. Use containers creatively. Don’t fret over a fancy vase. Choose bottles, jars, or glassware from your collection (or your mother’s). For a recent arrangement in Flower magazine, Mimi Brown used a glass, lowball tumbler. She explains, “Everyone has cups. You can use crystal or cut glass—whatever it’s made of, I think cups are a new way to showcase the stems and create a modern, tall arrangement.”
  3. Forage for unusual materials. With today’s natural garden-style arrangements, you can be more creative in your mix of materials and include some interesting branches, fragrant herbs, or greenery plucked from your own backyard for more texture and movement.
  4. Add a personal or luxe touch. If your mother is sentimental, include her favorite flower or select something special from the garden. If she prefers a little luxury, use a fine ribbon, or splurge on a supershowy specialty flower to punctuate the arrangement.
  5. Relax and have fun. Don’t stress over your design. Loose, just-picked looks are still on trend, and the natural beauty of organic forms allow for imperfections. Or you can always take one flower and use it en masse—tulips, peonies, and hydrangeas are perfect for this. And as designer Lesley Frascogna of Tulip says, “There are no rules in floral design. It’s an art form and each arrangement is different. Have fun with it and try new things.”

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