Banchet Flowers’ Hot Tropicals

New York City’s Banchet Flowers weaves an exotic floral tale with orchids as the main characters in each of these summer arrangements

Banchet Flowers, tropical arrangements A duet of ‘Blue Magic’vanda orchids and ‘Noorah Blue’ orchids is looped with willow for a modern, textural touch and then gathered with aspidistra leaves.

Banchet Flowers, tropical arrangementsSpray roses, Phalaenopsis orchids, and ‘Charood Mokara’ orchids with a red dogwood accent in an aspidistra-lined, red glass cylinder vase make for a jaunty, tropical tabletop design.

Banchet Flowers, tropical arrangementsPart of the Baccarat Mille Nuits collection, this fruit bowl and goblet are cleverly, elegantly repurposed to contain Banchet’s signature arrangement of white amaryllis with a side note of dusty miller and a loose handful of jade green orchids.

Banchet Flowers, tropical arrangementsThis playful combination of red roses and ‘Azacoff Mokara’ orchids with an arc of red dogwood nestles nicely into the Abysse vase by Baccarat.

Photography by Udom Surangsophon

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