Artist Michael Lin’s Inviting Installations

This artist won’t mind a bit if you step all over his work. In fact, he strongly encourages it.
Overhead view of the floral floor painting by artist Michael Lin, titled Utah Sky 2065-40 (blue curve), at the High Museum of Art

Known for what he calls architectural interventions, Taiwanese artist Michael Lin “creates paintings as spaces to occupy,” he says, rather than thinking of them merely as objects.

In Atlanta, that space happens to be at the High Museum of Art. The High’s Richard Meier–designed atrium (and its luminous skylight) lures visitors to meander across Lin’s installation. Utah Sky 2065-40 (blue curve) takes its name from the Benjamin Moore paint color that serves as a vibrant backdrop for stop-you-in-your-tracks florals inspired by an Asian textile. We’re floored.

Flower magazine, Sept/Oct 2015 | Photography by Sarah Dorio

Watch the assembly of Michael Lin’s installation, Utah Sky 2065-40 (blue curve), at the High Museum of Art below. Learn more about the artist at