A Year at Clove Brook Farm

In his new book, ceramics designer Christopher Spitzmiller captures the seasons at his country home in Millbrook, New York

In A Year at Clove Brook Farm (Rizzoli New York, 2021), the multi-talented lamp and ceramics designer Christopher Spitzmiller captures all four seasons at his country home outside of New York City in Millbrook. He may be a weekend farmer, but he’s committed—raising chickens; keeping bees; and putting up his own jam, cider, and honey—and his beautiful retreat has something on offer throughout the year. And while Christopher may do things on a grand scale, you can apply his tips to whatever size garden you have or endeavor you want to pursue. As he advises in the introduction, “I hope this book inspires you to try something new around your own home, whether it’s sowing a few fruit and vegetable seeds in a pot or welcoming friends over for a home-cooked dinner. . . . I firmly believe that each of us has a garden within us, and it’s our joy to tend to it, nurture it, and let it flourish.” 

By Alice Welsh Doyle

White farmhouse and rustic garden parterres blooming with tulips at his Millbrook country home, from the pages of his book "A Year at Clove Brook Farm" (Rizzoli)
Christopher Spitzmiller’s home and garden at Clove Brook Farm. Photography by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls

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