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Flower magazine Founder and Editor-in-Chief Margot Shaw shares a message of hope in a special digital edition of her "Watering Can" column.

March 24, 2020—One of our contributing editors, Frances Schultz penned a piece about life in the time of coronavirus. Like me, she looks for the silver lining and redemption in travail. My favorite image in her pensée is a haiku from a 17th-century Japanese poet, “My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon.” Actually, this may be my new motto. It’s such a lovely, poetic, even powerful way to frame the frightful phenomena of a pandemic and the dramatic difference in the landscape where we now dwell.

moon painting

Finding our “moon” in a lovely painting

At Flower, we are brainstorming (from a social distance) ways to inspire you all and enrich your lives, beyond the pages of the magazine and regularly scheduled fare, now that the pause button on life as we knew it has been pushed. Please stay tuned to our social platforms and website for the latest offerings and BY ALL MEANS touch base with your own ideas!

Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and look around for your “moon.” It may be found in the garden, a poignant theme from a new movie, a simple arrangement of wildflowers, walking and ruminating, a long forgotten favorite tune, poring over family photo albums, a puzzle with children or grands, or just sitting and talking and listening to loved ones now that there’s time. Because there is.

To hope, to love, to life, now…


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Editor-in-Chief, Flower magazine

Margot Shaw in Rose Garden

Margot Shaw

Margot Shaw is Flower magazine’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, as well as author of Living Floral: Entertaining and Decorating with Flowers. Get to know her better by listening to her interview on The Flower Podcast.

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