Fun in the Sun

It’s time to go outside! Style Editor Amanda Smith Fowler rounds up stylish picks for outdoor-living at its best.

City Green: Public Gardens of New York

Jane Garmey’s book takes us on a tour of the lovely green spaces of New York City, from pocket gardens to more expansive ones, and celebrates the ingenuity and spirit of their creators and keepers

Charlotte Moss Entertains

There’s really nothing that new to say about entertaining. What is new are experiences, which Charlotte Moss beautifully shares in these pages. “Nothing complicated, no rules, no finger wagging—just ideas,” she writes

Why Brides Choose Roses for Weddings

In her book, Wedding Flowers, British floral designer and author Paula Pryke explores wedding themes and individual flower varieties while showcasing some of her most beautiful arrangements. In this excerpt, Pryke shares why roses are a popular choice for brides

Fashion and Versailles

Fashion was Versailles and Versailles was fashion: rampant, mercurial, and irrepressible in its determination to seduce,” writes Laurence Benaïm in the…

Martha’s Flowers

When presented with Martha Stewart’s new flower book, we sat up straight in our chairs because Stewart never does anything halfheartedly

Books We Love 2017

The editors gathered every book featured in Flower this year, plus a few more of our favorite floral, design, and gardening books of 2017 into one big slideshow