Jason Burnett

Lush greens paired with organic and found elements keep a Mountain Brook, Alabama home feeling fresh and festive all season long.
In her Birmingham, Alabama home, designer Danielle Balanis weaves some favorite Christmas traditions together with her bold decor for a timeless, festive holiday.
San Francisco interior designer Marea Clark breathes new life into a 1940’s-Colonial house infusing it with a mélange of pieces that speak to classic elegance and California casual.
From handmade cards to hanging in galleries, the art of quilling has come into its own in the 21st century.
Emily Post—plus a collection of other style ambassadors—weighs in on correspondence, from paper to penmanship and more.
Whether expressing gratitude, sympathy, love, or a quick hello, putting thoughts down on paper conveys a warmth that digital messages can never replicate.
Connecticut-based interior designer Stephanie Woodmansee combines large doses of florals with classic East Coast style as she helps her best friend and former business partner redesign her historic Kansas City home.
Stephanie Woodmansee of Henry & Co. Design shares some often overlooked ways to “step up” your floor décor game.
From the ground up, like-minded professionals come together to realize a meticulously designed home nestled into its stellar setting outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.
From shapely, sculptural detailing to soft-lined silhouettes to rattan caning, these recent debuts have all the staying power to flourish.
From mahjong to chess to rummy and more, people have a renewed sense of home entertainment in this post-pandemic era. And we’ve been keeping score of the newest and coolest game tables (and games) out there.
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