Gardener’s Favorite: Euonymus

When asked to identify the one plant that deserves the most praise in her garden, Bettie Bearden Pardee, the consummate hostess and keen purveyor of the Newport, Rhode Island, social scene, singles out not a flower but an evergreen

Winter Magnolias

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Historic Charleston Gardens

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Down the Garden Path

Meet three men who are in the business of cultivating beauty, each leaving his footprint and personal perspective on gardens across the South

22 of Our Favorite Fragrant Roses

One of the many delights of strolling through a garden, beyond the visual, is its fragrances. We’ve rounded up some rose varieties that are as appealing to the nose as they are to the eye

A Natural Patina

A desire to be closer to nature lured Brooke and Steve Giannetti to Ojai, California, where they’ve built a house and gardens that appear to have been there for ages