Holiday Table Garland

Flower magazine’s Jessica Cohen shows how to make a Thanksgiving table centerpiece garland using magnolia branches and other greenery, assorted red chrysanthemums, and solidago
Thanksgiving table garland made with assorted chrysanthemums, dyed solidago, grevillea foliage, magnolia leaves, and silver dollar eucalyptus
Follow our instructions to make a garland you can use as a table centerpiece, atop a mantel, or on a sideboard as seen here.

Inspired by the Fall season and the Thanksgiving holiday, I created this fresh garland for the table. For me, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends while enjoying a warm, comforting home-cooked meal around the dining room table. This symmetrical garland is low and can be viewed from every angle, which is ideal when making an arrangement for the table. Fall provides so many flowers with remarkable textures and colors. I chose magnolia leaves for their gorgeous deep green color. The fragrant eucalyptus has large round leaves that take up space and create volume, while the grevillea foliage brought a welcome rough texture to the design. Lastly, the assorted chrysanthemums provided lively color to the table.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece


  • Assorted chrysanthemums
  • Dyed solidago
  • Grevillea foliage
  • Magnolia leaves
  • Silver dollar eucalyptus

Tools and Supplies

  • Clippers
  • Paddle Wire – 22 gauge
  • Twine