The rust and blue container informed the colors for an arrangement of tulips, lilacs, bleeding heart, fruit blossoms, Solomon’s seal, and hellebores from floral designer Sandra Sigman’s own garden. SandraSigman_PurpleArrangment_HomepageSlider_2603

Bree Iman Clarke of the Iman Project

In the living/dining room, interior designer Phillip Thomas treats pink as a neutral and dares to treat tiger print the same, anchoring patterns and colors to bring them all together. Sconces by Vaughan; mirror by Global Views. 09_PhillipThomas_PhotoCreditMichaelMundy_slider

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Beach scene with 3 towels in assorted colors from Heather Chadduck Hillegas’ collection for Weezie hung on a white stucco wal
Chic at the Beach: Weezie Towels

A creative collaboration between designer Heather Chadduck Hillegas and luxury towel company Weezie results beautiful, practical towels that are destined for our beach bags

A mood board for the online shop Marchioness Home & Garden curated by interior designer and founder Bethany Berk
The Curated Collections of Marchioness
Inspired by 25 years of traveling far and wide to procure antique treasures and unique finds for her clients’ homes, interior designer Bethany Berk brings her shopping savvy to us with her online venture
Jewelry designer Clara Williams
Meet Clara Williams
The jewelry designer talks to FLOWER about how she discovered her creative voice in the sparkle of stones. Plus, enter for a chance to win the Clara Williams Mother's Day Jewelry Giveaway




Four yellow swallowtail butterflies alight on the purple blooms of Joe-Pye Weed, a wildflower native to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina
Welcoming Wildflowers in the Garden
Preserving or cultivating local wildflowers in your landscape doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition, writes Mary Walton Upchurch, who has quite the trove of native gems in her garden in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Formal gardens at Ashleigh, 2021 Historic Garden Week of Virginia
Historic Garden Week Returns to Virginia
Dreamy outdoor living spaces reign at the triumphant return of The Garden Club of Virginia’s Historic Garden Week, April 17-24, 2021. Enjoy a sneak peek and find inspiration for your own home and garden

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