Neisha Crosland + Schumacher

A creative collaboration between British designer Neisha Crosland and Schumacher yields fruit with ESPALIER, a “cool but utterly disarming” collection of fabrics, trims, and wallpaper
Neisha Crosland
Neisha Crosland with fabrics and trims from the Espalier collection for Schumacher

We have long admired the creativity of British surface-pattern designer Neisha Crosland, who has teamed up with Schumacher to bring her signature aesthetic to a new collection named Espalier with fabrics, trims, and wallpaper. Neisha is known for her well-balanced repeats of geometrics and flowers, unusual color combinations, and ability to design patterns for a wide range of products, techniques, and mediums. Her inspiration for this collection spans continents and mediums, from Elizabethan needlework to 16th-century Japanese kimonos to an East Persian Doroksh pictorial silk rug from 1890. We are drawn to the color combinations of the Thistle pattern—such as lavender/orange and Dijon/green. Schumacher Creative Director Dara Caponigro aptly sums up the collection as “cool but utterly disarming at the same time.”

Three upholstery trims from Neisha Crosland’s Espalier Collection for Schumacher

By Alice Welsh Doyle

This story originally appeared in Flower magazine’s March/April 2021 issue. Find Flower in a store near you or subscribe.