Holiday Gift Guide

Our Editors pick their favorite products for the season

Gift giving has a way of being either joyful and stressful when the list of names lengthens and the holidays are nearing closer. We’ve asked our Editors to pick some of their favorite products for the season and compiled them into this gift giving guide to take out some of the guess work and help you along with your holiday shopping.


TO GIVE: I’m a huge fan of delicate jewelry and I adore Alex Monroe’s whimsical pieces, so I’d love to give this playful necklace to a friend who would enjoy a touch of floral elegance. $168

TO RECEIVE: When Christmas is over, I’m all about prepping for the new year and I always enjoy receiving a new accessory to update my look. This clutch has an interesting texture and geo clasp that will freshen up my wardrobe for many years to come. $205


TO GIVE: I’ll give my Texas-born husband this handsome natural antler carving set from The Menagerie in Austin, TX. $138

TO RECEIVE: On my wish list I’ll ask for a trip to Charleston where I’d love to stroll around King Street, saving plenty of time to peruse the aisles of Blue Bicycle Books, one of Charleston’s best independent bookstores.


TO GIVE: My husband looks so handsome in a tux (I think most men do!), so I’d love to get him some good-looking cufflinks to don on special occasions. Some friends of ours are hosting a black-tie holiday dinner party this year, so I may just have to let him open this gift a little early. $2,120

TO RECEIVE: I’ve recently started collecting blue-and-white porcelain, and these ginger jars from Mecox in Palm Beach would look great in my living room. You can’t go wrong with the time-honored, classic look of blue and white. $2,800

TO GIVE: Trace Mayer’s "Museum Bees"— Fun, charming, repurposed elements, good price point for giving. $55 

TO RECEIVE: A “Serene Spa Weekend" at Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands, North Carolina for its beautiful accommodations, great dining and nearby shopping, luxurious spas, and excellent European-style hospitality/service.

TO GIVE:  Asheville is one of my family’s favorite vacation spots, and it’s a place we never tire of visiting. And while all of us have been to the Biltmore at least once, I am the only one who has seen it decorated for Christmas while on a photo shoot a couple of years ago. It is totally transformed during the season into an even more magical place. I want my family to experience that with me!

TO RECEIVE: I’m at that stage in life where I am more interested in what’s in my house than what’s on my back or neck. A well-made, beautiful light fixture is like jewelry for the home – just what I want (hint, hint). This chic brass design is so practical—it’s height adjustable and has a little glass tray to hold a drink doing double duty—perfect for my narrow living room.  $840

TO GIVE: I’m giving each of my 3 daughters one of Elizabeth Locke’s playful yet elegant animal charms that I spotted at Rex Harris Fine Jewelry in Birmingham, AL.

TO RECEIVE: I’m asking Santa for this blue leather cocktail drum ottoman by McAlpine for LEE Industries for my living room. It’s classic with a twist - super chic AND practical.