As you come out from under the layers of winter, Françoise Weeks’ spring arrangements should spark your imagination for a flourishing season. These five beauties reflect the budding exuberance of warmer days.

“Each design is a reflection of my love of nature and the beauty that it has to offer, if one but stops and observes what is there for all to see.” –Françoise Weeks

fancoise weeks spring flower arrangements

Flower List: paperwhites, ranunculus, muscari, hyacinths, alchemilla, kalanchoe, cyclamen, sweet peas, viburnum, freesia, tulips, maidenhair ferns, succulents.


Flower List: muscari, hellebores, anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, alchemilla, magnolia branches, succulents, moss, maidenhair ferns, koala ferns


Flower List: witch hazel branches, rosary vine, tulips, anemones, sweet peas, paperwhites, muscari, hellebores, viburnum, alchemilla, freesia, succulents, cyclamen foliage, and larkspur


francoise weeks spring arrangements

Flower List: ‘Yves Piaget’ garden roses, ‘Lovely Lydia’ spray roses, tulips, azaleas, cyclamen, viburnum, freesia, nerine lilies, sweet peas, ranunculus, kalanchoe, aspidistra leaves, contorted filbert branches, maidenhair ferns, sea star ferns, succulents


Flower List: ‘Caramel Antike’ garden roses, Alexandra roses, paperwhites, viburnum, nerine lilies, succulents, bells of Ireland, alchemilla, hellebores, ranunculus, apples, kiwi halves

Produced by Abby Braswell

Photography by James Fitzgerald III

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