Fun Floral Ice Cubes

Dani Fischer of Magnolia’s Yarden in California shares her tips for making pretty and fun ice cubes using edible flowers
Edible flowers ready for ice cubes. Photo via @dani_in_california and @magnolias_yarden on Instagram
Edible flowers ready for ice cubes. Photo by Dani Fischer

Dani Fischer of Magnolia’s Yarden grows and sells edible flowers to decorate baked goods and other sweet treats for events, enhance charcuterie boards, grace tables, and beautify beverages. A few of the local businesses in Fresno, California, that purchase her goods include the Fig and Honey Lavish Grazing, Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden, Outsiders Studio, and Mother’s Supper Club.

Fischer also makes floral ice cubes, often featured on her Instagram accounts @magnolias_yarden and @dani_in_california, and she shared her tips for making them with Flower magazine.

“I absolutely love to create different floral combinations in ice cubes for an added interest to any events decor. The themes and flowers will vary based on the event and what edible flowers are in season.” — Dani Fischer

Floral Ice Cube Tips

Photo by Dani Fischer

Flower options: “The edible flowers I used (pictured above) are roses, dianthus, sunflowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, and lavender,” she says. “The lavender flavor was noticed—and really enjoyed—in the wine it had chilled!”

To make large square floral ice cubes: Use a Vremi Large Silicone Ice Cube Tray. “The flexibility of this tray makes it so easy to remove without getting damaged,” she says.

To make lavender “ice sticks”: Use Kitch N’ Wares Silicone Ice Cube Sticks Tray.

Lavender “ice sticks.” Photo by Outsiders Studio

To fill the tray: I recommend filling the ice-cube tray one third or halfway with water, and then dropping in flowers and flower petals. Before it’s frozen solid, remove from the freezer and either add more petals and a little more water to cover them, or top off with water if you are done adding flowers. If you’ve added more flower petals and water, remove that tray one last time to add a little more water on top. The idea is to not have the flower petals sticking out of the ice cube, but it really is OK if it is! Adding water and petals in phases prevents the petals from floating and freezing to one side of your ice cubes.

Enjoy using floral ice cubes in your beverages or for keeping bottles chilled at events. Cheers!

Botanical Chillers

When making ice cubes to fill a tub like the one above, I am looking to make the largest size cubes available for the longest-lasting ice. If the flowers are only being used to chill bottles or cans, use as many colors and varieties of flowers as possible in your cubes.
When making an ice bucket, I find it easiest to make it in layers so that all the flowers and greenery don’t float to the top.
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More Ideas for Edible Flowers

A hand holds a beer slushy in a tulip glass in front of a colorful sign reading Como la Flor
An edible flower from Magnolia’s Yarden garnishes a Como la Flor beer slushy at Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden. Photo by @tiogabeergarden on Instagram

White chocolate roses featuring Magnolia’s Yarden edible flowers. Photo by Outsiders Studio @outsidersstudio on Instagram

Flowers from Magnolia's Yarden
White chocolate blocks featuring Magnolia’s Yarden edible flowers. Photo by Outsiders Studio @outsidersstudio on Instagram

By Terri Robertson