100% cotton ‘Cumming Rose’ chintz in Camel, Pink, Blue, Taupe, and Rose

The rose is celebrated for its scent, its medicinal qualities, and, of course, its beauty. Naturally, we want doses of it every day, not only in our gardens but in our decor and in our skin care routines, too.

A Chintz by Any Other Name

Archival photo of early 19th century Rose Cumming, designer of chintz fabric patterns, wearing 1920s clothes

Rose Cumming

We have fallen back in love with the classic chintzes from Rose Cumming, the New York City decorating doyenne who introduced the fabric and paved the way for its popularity with designers like the late Mario Buatta. There is comfort and cheer in each print, and with new ownership by Lauren Hudson of Wells Design in Houston, Texas, we can expect to see more of the archives go into production.

Another lover of chintz, designer Richard Keith Langham welcomed the news: “I am thrilled this wonderful line will be preserved and celebrated. Carisbrook is one of my favorites—long live a bold chintz.”

Skin Care at Its Peak

bottles of skin care products on a bed of white rose petals

A selection of products from the Organic Rose Phyto3 Collection from Peak Scents (Photo by Shelly Strazis)

We also like to indulge in some plant-based beauty products from the Organic Rose Phyto3 line from Peak Scents with its signature blend of rose and açai stem cells, peptides, essential oils, and superfruit extracts. “When I developed the Rose Phyto3 line, I was determined to utilize the healthiest and most effective ingredients available,” says founder DeeAnn Tracy.

“When I discovered the Alpine rose stem cell active from Switzerland, I knew this would be a key part of the formula. This rose grows at high altitudes and has to adapt to extreme weather conditions. As a result, this plant helps our skin guard against everyday stressors such as UV damage and dryness.”

The facial mist with pomegranate extract and vitamin C is a must on your desk for a midday pick-me-up. For your bedside table, there’s a night cream that features hyaluronic acid, known for its anti-aging properties. From $20 for the facial mist,

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