Flights of Fancy

Harrison Howard’s enchanting scenes of other worldly beauty capture the imagination with their sophisticated whimsy and pristine color palette

A Photo in Time

Paulette Tavormina uses flowers, fruit, and other objects to create photographs that are as evocative and beautiful as the 17th-century Dutch paintings that inspire them

Exposing Beauty

Artists use X-ray technology to showcase botanicals, proving flowers are more than just pretty faces

Tony Duquette Creating Theater

The influential 20th-century designer Tony Duquette brought life to everything he touched with an artistic vision that transformed objects, rooms, and gardens into fanciful interpretations of the natural world

Patterns from Nature

Horst P. Horst, one of the most iconic photographers in history, shot not only portraits, but nature—patterns in nature, to be exact

Justin Schneider

This Atlanta-based botanical illustrator talks with flower about his travels with National Geographic and how they have influenced his work.

Frances Palmer’s Dahlia Garden

Frances Palmer, the woman behind the wheel of her eponymous pottery line, crafts more than just clay. Her dahlia garden is another creative example of her artistic hand at work

Suspended in Air

London artist Rebecca Louise Law’s artful still lifes and fanciful, vertigo-inducing installations transform thousands of blooms into cascading chandeliers and skies bursting with flowers

Anna Bond of Rifle Paper

As the creative force behind Rifle Paper Co., artist Anna Bond designs stationery and gifts that burst with a flowery and playful perspective