Bevolo at 75

The iconic New Orleans lighting company celebrates 75 years of craftsmanship
a craftsman at Bevolo works on a copper gas lantern

The lighting company with the soul of New Orleans’s French Quarter in every design celebrates 75 years of craftsmanship in 2020. In honor of the anniversary, each light will include not only Bevolo’s signature brass nameplate and serial number but also the initials of each master maker, reinforcing the company’s commitment to works created by hand. “As the company grew, and as I grew with it, I knew our success would depend on continuing the high-quality craftsmanship people expected from Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights,” says Drew Bevolo, the company’s the third-generation owner.

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The letters JCD, the initials of a Bevolo craftsman, inscribed in brass
A Bevolo piece is marked with its maker’s initials in honor the 75th anniversary
Flower magazine November December 2020 cover