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hortulus farm

Restoring Hortulus

In 2008, Flower visited garden writer Jack Staub and legendary event and floral designer Renny Reynolds to tour the reclaimed gardens of their historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania farm

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Adventures in Paradise

Renny Reynolds and Jack Staub, whose Pennsylvania farm Flower featured in 2008, welcome us to their South Florida home to share the tropical escape they rescued and creatively reimagined

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Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios

This Brooklyn-based designer reveals secrets of the trade and step-by-step instructions on how to achieve her organic, lush look in her new book, Handpicked. The sought-after creative also tells us about her inspiration and what keeps her motivated

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posh picnic gear

Posh Picnic Gear

From a kitted out basket to cocktail peanuts and a croquet set, we’ve rounded up the ultimate in posh picnic gear for your summer escape

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summer repast, frank stitt, paradise farm

A Summer Repast at the Farm

On a weekend afternoon, Pardis and Frank Stitt gather friends around the table to partake in the flavors of the season, many of which have been harvested from their Alabama farm

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