Dining Room

Designed by Alexa Hampton for the Atlanta Showhouse | Floral design by Robert Long Flora & Event Design

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“I gotta have more cowbell.”-Alexa Hampton on her point of view

Dining Room

“I consider animal patterns a neutral, even with all of their vivacity and individuality. This hand-painted wallpaper I designed with Gracie doesn’t have a single line or striation that is the same, but it’s still interpreted as a repeating motif.”

“Bill Blass once told me how important the back of a bride’s dress is because that’s what people see most as she goes up the aisle and stands during the ceremony. I’ve always drawn the parallel to dining room chairs—you’ve got to bring it so they don’t seem lonely when they’re not being used. I put the ‘moneymaker’ pattern on the back of my Theodore Alexander chairs, where I also didn’t have to consider the practicalities of wear and tear.”

“Really fabulous green rooms like those by Givenchy, who always lurks in the back of my mind, and the ones in Denise Hale’s house in San Francisco, which my father decorated years ago, remain pivotal in my imagination. I think of this as my green room, even though it’s technically not. Gracie’s tiger pattern beautifully combines with accents of emerald and classical elements such as my Chesneys mantel.”

The china, glassware, and silver are from Replacements. “I love to bring color on the table, and I particularly like pairing purple with green. I also often use white chairs around a dark wood table or vice versa.”


This centerpiece for the dining table, created by Robert Long Flora & Event Design, not only picks up the rich, dark green of the dining chair seat with ferns and clematis foliage, but the roses, vanda orchids, tulips, hyacinths, clematis, and other blossoms echo the colors and even some of the floral forms in the Clarence House Dragon Empress fabric on the backs of the chairs.

See more from Robert Long Flora on their website and on Instagram.  And don’t miss a Keats-inspired wedding bouquet how-to from Robert.

Arrangement of pink and green hydrangeas, roses, orchids, tulips, and clematis.
Photo by Emily Followill


Who Did It & Where To Get It


English Accent Antiques
William Word Antiques


Celia Rogge Fine Arts
Mark D’Alessio


Clarence House
Samuel & Sons


Nazmiyal Collection


Theodore Alexander


Sherle Wagner International


Broome Lampshades
Newport Lamp & Shade Company
Visual Comfort & Co.




Benjamin Moore


La Gallina Matta
Replacements, LTD.




The Shade Store

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