Alexandra Llewellyn’s Luxury Backgammon Sets

The London artist is inspired by how games bring people together regardless of language, age, or background
Alexandra Llewellyn, dressed in black, with short dark hair
Artist Alexandra Llewellyn at one of her bespoke game tables

When London-based artist Alexandra Llewellyn was a child, she visited her grandmother in Egypt. Wandering the streets of Cairo, she fell into a game of backgammon with a toothless man 10 times her age. They couldn’t speak to each other, but the game became a common language. In 2010, Llewellyn launched her eponymous line of bespoke backgammon sets. Using a technique called marquetry, the artist creates a board made of wood pieces that are cut, pressed, fit together like a puzzle, then hand-lacquered until glass smooth. Commissions can include specific designs to reflect a client’s taste, messages inlaid in the wood, or handwritten memories embossed in leather.

“I am forever inspired by how games bring us together. No matter what language you speak, no matter the difference in age or background, you can connect over a game of backgammon.” — Alexandra Llewellyn

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 Alexandra Llewellyn luxury backgammon set displayed in its open case
The Lily board features a Macassar ebony box and playing pieces in polished black marble and mother-of-pearl set in brass.
closeup of round black backgammon table with gold accents and game pieces
Llewellyn has recently begun making two-sided, round tables with backgammon on one side and chess on the other.
closeup of palm frond design detail in a luxury backgammon set
The Palm travel set was inspired by Llewellyn’s memories of lazy summer days in Morocco playing backgammon underneath the date palm trees.