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Alecia Stevens


An interior designer for about 20 years, Alecia Stevens’s aesthetic can best be described as eclectic with touches of traditional and modern influences. Stevens has a background in fashion and theater design, experience she’s honed to create stylish rooms for her clients. When starting a project, the designer works from the ground up, beginning with room layouts then focusing on fabrics, textiles, and colors. “I’m all about comfort. I like to make sure furniture is close enough to have a conversation, that there’s somewhere you can place a drink, there’s a lamp you can turn on for reading, and so on. Those details are important to me,” she says.

For the Minneapolis home in our feature on floral designer Jackie Reisenauer, the designer worked with local architect Jean Rehkamp Larson to create unique spaces for the family. “The whole house is harmonious,” says Stevens. “It’s friendly and charming. Nothing is overly matched or too heavy.”

After living in the Midwest for more than 30 years, Stevens recently relocated to Charleston, South Carolina. Though she visits Minneapolis frequently, her new Southern city offers endless opportunities to be around her main love: antiques.

“Most of my projects include antiques. I think they ground a space. But at the same time, I like things to be edited,” she says. “Antiques need breathing room in order to stand out and hold an important spot in the room. I even have a little rule that every room needs a good case piece. I’m passionate about them.”

Alecia Stevens

“Antiques need breathing room in order to stand out and hold an important spot in the room.”—Alecia Stevens

See more of Stevens’s work in “Meet Jackie Reisenauer of Munster Rose.”

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